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Our winery pick up procedures have changed!

Due to our extremely small staff and the limitations that we are faced with… starting Jan 1, 2018 winery pick up orders will only be available by prior arrangement the 2nd Saturday of the month at the winery located at 3125 St. Helena Highway (Brasswood Estate) from noon to 2pm. If the wines are not picked up two months from release / purchase they will be shipped to the customer at the customers expense.

  • requests to have your wine moved from our warehouse to the winery for pick up must be made by the Wednesday prior 2nd Sat pick up date
  • requests are made via the online form located on this page so that we can keep ourselves organized (for the time being, please use the following contact info to request your pick up: Deb Lecours at (707) 888-1971 or [email protected]
  • if a request to pick up is made and the order is not picked up, the order will be shipped to the customer the following business day at the customers expense
  • we will have wines available to taste / purchase while picking up your order… tastings will conclude promptly at 2pm.


This consolidated system is necessary for us both from a space / storage cost perspective, and also a travel time efficiency perspective (it takes us roughly 2 hours to pick up and move individual packages, so its not practical for us to move packages on an individual basis).

Thank you for your understanding!

If there are any issues, please reach out to Deb Lecours at (707) 888-1971 or [email protected]