AntithesiS… Latin for the exact opposite… this wine is the antithesis of an ordinary wine. My dedication to the quality level of this wine coupled with the timing of specific fermentations and unique fermentation techniques are crucial elements required for the production of Antithesis. With that said, there will be years when Antithesis is not produced therefore further limiting its availability and increasing its level of rare collectability. This is NOT classically produced wine! It is a result of a technique which I coined “reverse saigner” as its juice was not only bled before fermentation to increase the skin to juice ratio, but additional skins were added toward the end of fermentation to further increase the skin to juice ratio thus creating a very lush, round, extracted, and structured wine.

Only 75 cases are produced annually.

And if you want a behind the scenes (and more candid) visual explanation on how this is made…

In the philosophical and enigmatic style of Morpheus from “The Matrix”:

Be sure to read this with the voice of Morpheus in your head…

“Neo, understanding this wine, the AntithesiS, is akin to understanding the Matrix itself. Consider its composition: 75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. Like the Matrix, it’s a blend of elements, each essential, yet it’s the combination that creates something far more complex and profound.

The swirling to release its aromas – warm red and black plums, Black Forest cake, Morello cherries, intertwined with violets, incense, dark chocolate, licorice, tar, and an earthy essence of crushed rocks – this mirrors the process of awakening, Neo. It’s about stirring the mind, allowing it to open up and perceive the deeper layers of reality.

The palate of this wine, full-bodied and bursting with bright, lifted black and red berry preserves flavors, accompanied by a lively line of freshness and exquisitely ripe, velvety tannins, finishing with epic length and profound perfume – this represents the vibrancy and complexity of the Matrix. It shows how, beneath the surface, there is a world teeming with life, energy, and hidden depths.

And the winemaker, Jason Moore – described as a ‘mad genius’ – isn’t he reminiscent of the architects of the Matrix? His method, once seen as ‘edgy’ and cryptic, now reveals a harmonious and mind-blowing purpose. It’s similar to how we perceive the Matrix. Initially, it appears chaotic and nonsensical, but once you understand it, you see the incredible order and purpose behind it.

Neo, just as appreciating the nuances of this wine can be transformative, understanding the Matrix can change your perception of everything. It’s about seeing the method in the madness, recognizing the intricate balance and depth in what appears to be a simple reality. This wine, like the Matrix, is a lesson in complexity, perception, and the beauty of the underlying truth. Embrace it, and you begin to understand the vastness of what’s truly possible.”