Pinot Noir


97 Points

Nestled in the Russian River Valley, the UV-Laguna Vineyard is a prestigious producer of exceptional Pinot Noir. Established in 2001 by the late vineyard manager, Ulises Valdez Sr., the vineyard’s soil composition is a distinctive blend of sand and dense clay, known as “Sebastopol Clays.” This remarkable terroir contributes to the Pinot Noir’s quality by enabling the grapes to achieve optimal ripeness without the excessive water stress often experienced during warm summer months.

The UV-Laguna Vineyard has attracted an impressive roster of esteemed clients, featuring winemaking luminaries such as Mark Aubert, Sam Kaplan, Paul Hobbs, Thomas Rivers Brown, Tony Arcudi, Helen Keplinger, Matt Courtney, and Jason Moore. This sought-after Pinot Noir has garnered critical acclaim, earning an outstanding 97 points from Lisa Perrotti-Brown of The Wine Independent.

The 2021 vintage of the UV-Laguna Vineyard Pinot Noir exhibits a medium ruby-purple hue. Upon pouring, the wine reveals tantalizing notes of juicy black raspberries, crushed red currants, and lilacs. Further exploration uncovers delicate hints of violets, dried lavender, dried mint, and crushed rocks, all complemented by a touch of cedar chest. The full-bodied, rich, and opulent palate showcases a powerhouse of fruit flavors, skillfully balanced by subtle earth and mineral undertones. Beautifully plush tannins support the wine, culminating in a finish marked by epic length and captivating tension.

This exceptional Pinot Noir is produced using a blend of 50% clone 777 and 50% clone 667, a combination that further enhances the wine’s complexity and character. Owing to its exclusivity, the UV-Laguna Vineyard Pinot Noir is available in extremely limited quantities, with an annual production of only 75 to 125 cases. This scarce availability makes each bottle of UV-Laguna Vineyard Pinot Noir a truly special and coveted addition to any wine collection.

Only 75-125 cases are produced annually.