Hyde Carneros Syrah – A Bold Expression of a Unique Clone

Nestled in the cool climate of the Carneros AVA, Hyde Vineyards has long been synonymous with viticultural excellence and innovation under the stewardship of Larry Hyde. Since 1979, Larry has been a monumental figure in the wine community, renowned for his pioneering spirit and his role in introducing superior vine clones to the region.

The Hyde Carneros Syrah, crafted from the esteemed Alban clone, is a standout testament to this legacy. This clone, known for its vigor and distinct flavor profile, thrives in the unique terroir of Carneros, where the maritime breezes and foggy mornings add complexity and finesse to the vines.

Characterized by its intense, dark meatiness, this Syrah offers a powerful aromatic profile of smoked meats, black cherries, and earthy undertones. On the palate, it presents a robust and intense expression with deep, velvety tannins and a concentration of dark fruit flavors. The finish is long and compelling, with hints of spice and a touch of minerality.

This wine not only reflects the distinctive characteristics of the Alban clone but also embodies Larry Hyde’s dedication to producing profound and character-driven wines. Enjoy a bottle of Hyde Carneros Syrah and experience a bold interpretation of Carneros terroir.