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Our tasting cancellation policy…

Required Notice: 48 hours prior to scheduled tasting… but we would really appreciate as much notice as possible.

Several reminders will be sent leading up to the tasting to provide ample opportunity to make changes or cancel before the cancellation window closes.

Any visitor more than 30 minutes late to an appointment will be considered a no show as we are on a tight schedule, usually with other wineries using the room after us, so we have to be respectful of their scheduled start time and starting too late doesn’t allow enough time to conclude our visit, clean, and exit in time for the next reserved booking.

If cancellation comes after the 48 hour window closes, we will be forced to charge the tasting fee for the number of people who were scheduled to attend as with less notice, we are not able to fill the open appointment.

Here’s why…

We are not in a normal position of having our own location that we control and allow walk-ins and can host multiple groups per day. We are EXTREMELY limited  in the number of groups we have the  opportunity to host per day. Being the #1 winery on trip advisor, we get a lot of requests and honestly, we turn down a  good bit of them because their either a good fit or because there is no physical place to host due to other wineries  already booking the rooms we share. Again, we are very limited in the  number of people we are able  to see in a day. With that said, if we approve a group and take the time slot, its a big deal to us as we are investing a rare opportunity to “make friends and sell  wine” in that group. If the group is a no show or cancels with little notice… not good… huge opportunity loss as we could have approved another group that would have shown up.
Honestly, even 48 hours isn’t enough to get the space rebooked as many travelers are booking and scheduling weeks if not months out. But… 48 hours seems to feel like the fairest to the guest.


WE ARE NOT IN THE TASTING FEE BUSINESS and hate the idea of charging you a fee with nothing in return, so we will offer you bottles of our wine equalling the total value of your tasting fees owed. We think that this is a fair trade off as we are a very small business and last minute cancellations really affect our business, which is again… selling wine not charging tasting fees. So the outcome of our policy is simply… if you can’t attend for some reason within the cancellation window, we will charge the tasting fees… all of which will go toward the wines of your choice so you don’t get nothing in return for your fees.

We hope that this is considered fair on both sides of the table, and we look forward to seeing you in Napa!