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“Yes, Samantha Sheehan is that person: the former overworked financier who started pursuing her dream of making wine after having an Eat, Pray Love experience in Burgundy. But she is also not that person in all the ways that matter most. Perhaps that is because she took more then just the Burgundian’s commitment to terroir to heart: “It is one of the most beautiful, soulful places in the world,” says Sheehan. “They make some of the most expensive wines on the planet, yet they are totally down to earth, humble, generous and welcoming.” Under the label Poe, Sheehan embraces Burgundy’s philosophy with single vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Anderson Valley. “ My goal was to show that California too has incredible terroir, and that we can produce single vineyard wines that are unique and beautiful,” says Sheehan. We think she is off to an excellent start.”