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Summer Shipping Options & Info

Our goal is to protect YOUR wine while keeping YOU happy… because we love you. 

As you are well aware, shipping wine in the summer months is a challenge. Even more so now that gas (and just about everything else in the world) is more expensive… so those hikes are passed on to us all with higher shipping rates across the board. We hate it. We’re sure you hate it. I think we all are in hopes that this is temporary and will pass in time (the sooner the better).

Wine Club DEFAULT Shipping in Summer Months

By default, wines will not be shipped in the hot summer months. The only shipment that is affected by this is shipment #2 of the year which is scheduled to ship in late June / early July. This shipment will be held till mid to late September, or whenever it is safe to ship.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you have your wine shipped to a business address, for 2 reasons:

  1. UPS will almost always deliver to businesses first in the day as they know someone will be available to sign for the package.
  2. UPS will almost always deliver to a residential address later in the day because of #1 above. If there is no one to sign for your package, it will stay on the UPS truck which prolongs the exposure to breakage and heat damage risk.

Please, if you can, update your account to ship to a business address with the form below.

Now, have a look at the geographical options below to learn more about your options in your area of the country.



If you live on the West Coast and would like your wines shipped without delay, we are happy to do so at your risk.

If you select to ship now, we will have the package go GROUND + Ice Packs.

Just click the button below to indicate YES for this option.

Ship My Wine Ground w/ Ice Packs
Please use the email associated with your account (email sent to you)

Non West Coast residences could opt for Cold Freight + Final Mile shipping…
Cold Freight is a refrigerated freight forwarding system wherein the orders are collected on a Thursday, sorted at a warehouse on Friday and shipped via refrigerated rail car to one of four hubs:
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • Florida
  • Texas/Oklahoma border area
From the hub closest to your location, the packages are opened so ice packs can be inserted AT YOUR LOCAL HUB and the orders are then shipped out via UPS for local distribution.  Tracking numbers are generated at your local hub too, so once they are created and sent to you, the delivery is usually pretty quick, so BE AWARE. We wish the tracking was generated at the beginning of the shipments journey, but this is not our choice and we have no control over this. (Note, cold chain is not available for orders via FedEx)
We have tested this to an address in Florida and have confirmed that the service works well as the wines were delivered with a slight chill.
May take a little longer… While many orders are delivered within 7-10 days, they can also take up to a solid two weeks, depending upon the day submitted to the warehouse.  Our warehouse must have all orders in hand by end-of-day Tuesday to be packed on Wednesday/Thursday for Friday pickup.  Thus, if an order is submitted to the warehouse on Friday, as an example, the consolidation will not occur until the following Friday with deliveries the following week.
Unfortunately, there are some states that are NOT served by this service.  Excluded states include:
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona (working on a solution here thru a 3rd party)
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

If you would like to opt in for Cold Freight + Final Mile for $25 (its actually more, but we will take care of the balance) just click the button below to indicate you’d like this optional upgrade.

Ship My Wine
Cold Freight + Final Mile
Please use the email associated with your account (email sent to you)